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Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Haiti

We are a full service, turn-key renewable energy company specializing in the deployment of Solar Photovoltaic Technology in Haiti for homeowners, businesses, schools, nonprofits and government.  We provide:


• Site evaluations
• Engineering and design
• Equipment procurement
• Installation of new solar systems
• Updating of existing solar systems
• Routine cleaning, maintenance and operations checks
• Solar energy training
• A wide range of solar energy equipment for purchase

DigitalKap Solar Advantage

DigitalKap's approach is to install systems to the highest engineering and technology standards while making the switch to solar energy simple for our customers.  We've revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their energy needs.


We take a comprehensive look at our customers' energy usage and identify opportunities for improvements.  We perform the entire process, from permitting through installation, and provide ongoing monitoring, cleaning and repair services.  As your all-in-one service provider we manage your project from start to finish.


Additionally, with our maintenance and operation services, we provide peace of mind that the investment you have made will continue to operate at its greatest capacity for years to come.  As a single point of contact and accountability for your solar power system, we make having your own solar system hassle and stress free.

microgrid solar energy in Haiti

Residential Packages

We work with our residential customers to assess their energy needs and develop a solution best suited to meeting those needs.

This may involve the installation of a customer-owned solar system intergrated directly into the home or the use of one of our Pay-As-You-Go line of products, Energy24.  


Click here to learn more about Energy24! 

solar installer installations in Haiti

Commercial Packages

DigitalKap has worked with a wide range of commercial clients to integrate solar energy into their daily operations.  These clients have saved upwards of $300,000 USD on fuel costs with their DigitalKap energy solution.


Furthermore, commercial clients are provided with the peace of mind knowing that their business, school, etc. will operate at their best without the stresses of intermittent, unreliable energy or diesel fuel supplies.

solar installer installations in Haiti

Community Services

DigitalKap has worked with communities across the country to install a wide range of products including solar water pumps, solar street lights and solar cell phone charging stations, to name a few.


These products are having both dramatic and positive impacts on entire communities and the lives of the individuals in them.

solar charging charger in Haiti