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Computer Labs in Haiti

DigitalKap is committed to helping our customers solve the most consistently articulated issues with their computer labs:

1) traditional PCs are too expensive;

2) there is a lack of stable energy available – particularly in the countryside;

3) there is not enough bandwidth available with the internet connection; and,

4) maintenance can be problematic.

solar  computer lab in Haiti

The DigitalKap Solution: DigiConnect​​


Desktop Virtualization is the best solution for schools, businesses,

organizations and hospitals looking to provide students and clients with the performance experience of a desktop, but at the price of a shared resource solution.

Desktop Virtualization is a shared computing strategy that maximizes efficiency by harnessing the computing power of underutilized PCs. Desktop Virtualization is an excellent way to bring classrooms and labs into the 21st century and in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Our DigiConnect Computing system, drawing upon Desktop Virtualization, provides up to 10 users with their own independent Windows environment while they simultaneously share a single PC. Each user is equipped with their own virtual workspace (applications, settings, files and preferences), but at a fraction of what it would cost with individual computers.


Simply stated, DigiConnect allows you to achieve more with less by simplifying management, allowing for blended learning and collaborative technology use and by facilitating incremental rollouts.


Rather than having 10 full desktops to maintain, we allow you to consolidate all your management activities to a single machine and cut your management costs for those systems by up to 90%.  The entire DigiConnect solution is contained within a single computer tower. Monitors connect back to the PC using VGA, and our DigiConnect USB hubs provide each station with a USB port, an audio in and out and a place to connect a USB keyboard and mouse.