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A Small Box with Big Impact

A Small Box with Big Impact

2nd Aug 2021

In early 2018 DigitalKap installed a solar street light in the area outside of Port-au-Prince known as Canaan. But this was no ordinary solar panel attached to a pole. This street light also included a small box at its base that housed USB charging ports. The idea behind this project was that the community could come to charge their cellphones and other devices for a very small fee, while the light would also provide security to the area at night.

We wanted to go back to this same community 3 years later, talk with residents and learn about the impacts of this small box. Needless to say we were blown away by the conversations we had and the ways this project is making a difference in the community.

The residents of Canaan told us they cannot fully put into words how much this street light has meant to them. The area is plagued by blackouts, but this light has meant that people can actually charge their cellphones, students can study after dark by the light of the lamp, security has been restored to an area where criminals once took refuge, income is being generated from the small fees collected for charging and shops in the area have been able to stay open later because of the increased security. This small box has been life changing for the people of Canaan.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in partnering with DigitalKap to bring this small box with big impact to other areas in Haiti. We invite you to view a short video we put together catching up with the residents of Canaan!