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Benefits of Opting for Renewable Energy in Haiti

Benefits of Opting for Renewable Energy in Haiti

15th Apr 2021

Most of the time, households and commercial settings use renewable energy to reduce their impact on the environment. That is true, especially when green energy like solar power is considered, as it does not generate pollution and it is naturally replenished by the sun, without the need for drilling or mining operations or causing deforestation. Opting for renewable energy in Haiti can be a good step for you too to do your part in reducing environmental damage, while preserving the planet’s finite energy sources, like natural gas, coal, and oil.

Benefits for humans and the environment

Renewable energy emits minimal to no greenhouse gases, and that can be beneficial for the climate. Charcoal and wood are among the most widely used fossil fuels in Haiti, particularly for cooking. However, burning those emits a significant amount of pollution, which contributes not just to global warming but to the development of respiratory illnesses. Renewable energy in Haiti is significantly better for one’s health, and if you choose a green energy like solar power, you do not have to worry about air pollutants contaminating the air you breathe!

Low-cost energy for everyone

Limited access to resources and rising energy prices are often the result of geopolitical issues and challenges. Renewable energy is not that affected by sudden supply chain disruptions, price spikes, and geopolitical crises, as it can be produced locally. Even if the business, community, or residential area is off the grid or experiences frequent power outages, green, renewable energy will keep them running and their people comfortable and safe.

Good for the community

Investing in renewable energy in Haiti means getting the right materials and workmanship for constructing and maintaining the facilities, as opposed to spending on expensive imported energy resources. The investments are typically spent within the country and in the same towns or neighborhoods. This creates jobs for local citizens.

Get renewable energy

DigitalKap is a full-service renewable energy provider and our company specializes in deploying solar photovoltaic technology for homes, schools, the government, nonprofits, and businesses. We you’re one-stop source for all the things you need to get started with renewable energy in Haiti, from site evaluations to equipment procurement, engineering and design, installation or updating, training, and routine maintenance.