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Haiti Solar Panels — How to Maintain Them Properly

Haiti Solar Panels — How to Maintain Them Properly

11th May 2021

Do you have Haiti solar panels installed on your property? That’s great — the world needs every bit of help to reduce climate change. Solar panels are the perfect way to obtain clean and sustainable energy, relying solely on the power of the sun to generate electricity.

However, solar panels are still pieces of equipment. They need to be cleaned and maintained to increase their efficiency, allowing you to consume less energy. And luckily, these systems are quite simple to maintain.

To keep your panels working properly follow this simple step-by-step guide:

1. Prevent dirt and debris from building up

It’s natural for dust and dirt to buildup on your panels over time. If you’re lucky, the rain will wash any debris blocking the system. However, Haiti is not the best place to hope for rain. The country has a tropical climate, receiving less than 700mm of rainfall per year.

Take a glance at your panels every so often to see if any dust has gotten on them. You can wash them off with a hose, or you can invest in a solar panel cleaning kit that comes with soap, a wiper, and a small brush.

2. Be careful during severe weather events

Tropical storms are quite frequent in Haiti. These weather events can cause damage to your solar panels, and you need to check the system’s appearance after the storm has passed.

If you don’t find any serious problems, that’s great. But if you notice that your panels aren’t working correctly, it’s best to call for our services immediately.

3. Contact your provider

Are you having trouble conducting maintenance on your Haiti solar panels by yourself? Don’t worry; we at DigitalKap Technology and Energy are here to help! We are experts at installing and updating solar energy systems, taking the heavy work off your hands.

You can give us a call when you need help with routine cleaning, maintenance, and operations checks for your Haiti solar panels. This way, you can make sure your system is working to the highest levels of efficiency!