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How to Buy the Best Solar Panels in Haiti

How to Buy the Best Solar Panels in Haiti

27th May 2021

It's time for you to keep up with the rest of the country and invest in renewable energy. As we all know, generating electricity is not very friendly to the environment. The constant burning of fossil fuels releases tons of carbon dioxide into the air, worsening climate change. Solar panels in Haiti are your best option if you want a clean, reliable, and sustainable energy source for your property.

Here’s how to buy the best solar panels in Haiti:


You're in luck, solar panels require little to no maintenance and repair. This means that anyone can have them installed, whether you need them for your home, business, school, or even hospital.

However, you must take into account how the solar panel was made. For example, what materials were used by the manufacturer, and did they invest a lot into research and development?

Consider us at DigitalKap Technology and Energy. We only use and sell products with the latest technology and the highest quality materials.


Solar panel cost is determined by several factors: size in watts, physical size, durability, and certification. You might be tempted to purchase the least expensive panels; however, note that they may not be built with the best quality or properly meet your energy needs.

Consult our technicians at DigitalKap to ensure that you receive the appropriate solar panel size and quality according to your budget.

Energy efficiency

Lastly, consider the efficiency of your solar panels. A system built for a house may not offer the same efficiency as one built for a large public school, so make sure to have your site evaluated before installation.

Why choose DigitalKap Technology and Energy for your solar panels in Haiti?

We are a full-service renewable energy company offering solar panels for homeowners, business owners, schools, hospitals, and more. Here at DigitalKap, our professional technicians can conduct site evaluations and install systems with ease.

Your investment will not go to waste when you partner with DigitalKap. We use the best technologies available, ensuring that each of our client's energy needs are met to the highest standards.