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Why Should You Go For Green Energy Solutions in Haiti?

Why Should You Go For Green Energy Solutions in Haiti?

29th Apr 2021

Charcoal and firewood are the widely used sources of energy in many Haitian households. However, they are known for their hazards to health, as well as to the environment. According to the World Health Organization, traditional cooking stoves are among the most serious health risks in developing countries because these cause indoor air pollution and expose people to smoke. Producing those fuels also means deforestation. Green energy solutions in Haiti are being promoted to help reduce health and environmental problems.

What is green energy?

It is any form of energy that comes from natural resources, but it does not have a negative consequence on the environment, such as greenhouse gas emissions. Sunlight, water, and wind are among the widely used sources for green energy, with solar energy considered as the most renewable. So, as you look into green energy solutions in Haiti, you need to make sure that they are naturally replenished and they avoid drilling or mining operations, which could damage ecosystems.

Benefits of green energy

One of the most obvious advantages to using green energy is it can reduce your impact on the environment. However, the perks go beyond that. With the right solutions, such as solar panels, you could potentially reduce your electricity bills and not have to worry about power outages, which are common in Haiti. It will also provide an environmentally friendly way to cook at home, and it may reduce the risk of developing respiratory illnesses caused by constant smoke inhalation.

The advantages of green energy solutions in Haiti also apply to communities and commercial settings. Green and renewable energy could lead to stabilizing energy prices as it is sourced from nature, locally produced, and largely unaffected by price spikes, disruptions to the supply chain, and geopolitical crisis. It may also support job creation related to installing and maintaining solar panels in communities.

Getting started

Interested in green energy solutions? Our team here at DigitalKap is ready to help you. We are your one-stop source for solar energy solutions, including power needs assessments, installation, and ongoing maintenance. The systems we provide are backed by the highest technology and engineering standards to ensure that you are getting the best solutions that can lead to more affordable and cleaner power generation in your home, neighborhood, or business.